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Date Added:05 March, 2009

Author: Heavy Horse

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Have you ever been typing away at the keyboard and then looked up at the screen to see that you have acciDENTALLY HIT THE CAPS LOCK KEY? hAVE you ever been adding data to a spreadsheet and looked up at the screen to see that you have just spent your time navigating around the table instead of entering in numbers? Have you ever been inserting text into your document to find that you have just been typing over your work? Eliminate those errors with KeyMaster. KeyMaster allows the user to add an adjustable time delay to the caps lock, num lock, scroll lock and insert keys so that they must be purposefully held down before they will toggle. Configure toggle keys so that the toggle state will only change if it is held down in combination with control, alt, shift or the left-Windows key. Have an on-screen indication of toggle key states in the task tray or on a floating toolbar. Have sounds tell you not only when a toggle key is pressed but also when it has toggled and what the new toggle state is. Let KeyMaster set the startup states of your toggle keys and tell you what the states are. Have your PC emulate the caps lock functionality of a typewriter. Have KeyMaster announce keys as they are pressed and say words as they written with the "Type-n-talk" feature (Requires SAPI 4 runtime).

Systems: Windows

Tags: looked up at   ever been   caps lock   up at   toggle state   toggle keys   toggle key   looked up   key have   held down   have just  

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